Japanese Tourist Claims He Was Abused Repeatedly In The Bathhouse

Turkey’s Turkish bath culture is the focus of attention of many visiting tourists. However, a Japanese tourist regretted that he would go to the bathhouse. Allegedly, the tourist was harassed not once but twice in the bath he went to.

A Japanese tourist visiting Turkey; He experienced a series of unfortunate events in the bath where he went to experience the bath culture, which he was very curious about. According to the stories of the Japanese tourist, who shared what happened to him on social media, the young tourist first went to the caller and then to another man in the bath. was subjected to harassment.

Regarding the event “The baths are dangerous” A Japanese social media phenomenon living in Turkey for a while. Yoshi Enomoto support is out. The bathers are now looking for that caller.

The Japanese tourist received support from the Japanese social media phenomenon living in Turkey.

The caller who took care of him repeatedly hit your genitals Thereupon, the tourist said that an old man whom he met in the bath “Call whenever you want to call, I want to have sex with you and I want to hang out” When he got the message, he was surprised at what happened. The Japanese tourist shared the messages that the old man sent him with a drink invitation and immoral offer on social media.

Yoshi Enomoto, the phenomenon who shared photos and messages about the event, “A young Japanese tourist went to the Turkish bath he was curious about and paid 150 TL. In the bath, tellak hit his butt a lot. Another man there also sent obscene messages, “ saying that he did not defend the Japanese tourist because he carelessly went to a place he did not know; but even the thought of having experienced the event himself terrible noted that.

Hamacılar are after the caller who is the target of the allegations.

Japanese tourist harassed in hammam


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With the explosion of this event on social media, the bathers took action. Istanbul Turkish Bath Sanitary Bath Sauna Massage Saloon Operators Chamber of Commerce; He stated that they were aware of the incident and announced that they had started an investigation. Where is the bath where the incident took place and who is the caller who the tourist claims to have harassed him? research continues Registering Chamber representative; with the completion of the research a statement will be made again told.

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