Japan will produce 2 nanometer chips!

The Japanese government has officially started to produce 2 nanometer chips by 2027. It is said that the country, which wants to catch up with South Korea and Taiwan, which it sees as rivals in this field, has already sacrificed billions of dollars for this purpose.

In line with this goal, another huge investment worth 3.89 billion dollars will be made to Rapidus, a company established in cooperation with giant Japanese companies such as Sony, Toyota, Softbank, Denso, Kioxia, MUFG Bank, NEC and NTT. Here are the most important details about the subject…

It is also stated that this important investment aims to develop multi-chip chip technology, which is stated to be very critical for the future. It is said that Rapidus, which has benefited from more than 6 billion dollars of government support so far, will receive a total grant of around 33 billion dollars until the project is completed.

Company CEO Atsuyoshi Koike stated in his statement that they plan to start test production in 2025 and start mass production in 2027. We should point out that the company is also supported by IBM.

In recent weeks, the Japanese Ministry of Economy and Trade said that the R&D studies required to maximize chip production quality in the country would be accelerated. Thus, the country is expected to regain its former assertive position in many different sectors, especially artificial intelligence, in the long term.

The rocket sent by Japan into space exploded!  What will happen now?

The rocket sent by Japan into space exploded! What will happen now?

The rocket launch attempt carried out by the Japanese space industry the other day witnessed a major disaster.

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