It’s Proven That Humans Evolved To Stay Active

A new study conducted in the USA once again showed that physical activity not only reduces diseases and injuries, but also extends lifespan. Underlining that people evolve to stay active when they get older, the researchers emphasized the necessity of exercising at all ages for health.

physical activity, human health Its necessity for the elderly is unquestionable, but this is easily forgotten when it comes to older people. A newly published study finds that the main source of reduced physical ability in people as they age is biological structure not the individual himself restriction of movement revealed that.

Being inactive increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many cancer diseases. has increased known. However, despite this making life easierhas led people to reduce their physical activity. This newly published study investigates people’s physical activity. that you have evolved and stressed the need for it today.

“Humans have evolved to stay active”

In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people even when they get old demonstrating that they have evolved to stay active ‘Active grandparent hypothesis’ An article has been published. In the article written by evolutionary biologists, the effect of physical activity on health and longevity. once again proven. Biologists believe that only the last human generations have been able to stretch their legs, and that this has been quite a bit of adaptation to evolution. that it is effective He claimed. Until recently, the human lifespan was short. contrary to popular beliefhunter-gatherers, who survived infancy and childhood, after they stopped breeding about 20 more years showed that he is alive.

Researchers suggest that prehistoric humans had short lifespans and older individuals were relatively sedentary. debunking mythsto other biological processes despite health problems of physical activity will prevent stated. Evolutionary biologist David E. Liberman, lead author of the study, “The point is, we’ve evolved throughout our lifetimes. our bodies age well needs physical activity. In the past Survive Daily physical activity was mandatory for the population, but today we no longer have such an obligation. But today we must exercise, for health do physical activity” said.


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It’s not about getting old, staying young, or surviving, but the process of development. stay healthy We need action. Physical activity levels around the world have been severely constrained by tools that have replaced human labor. Researchers have discovered that in these times when our movements are restricted, regardless of the old and young, our ancestors our inspiration and prehistoric necessity. physical activity today, with this awareness the necessity of continuing stressed.

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