It’s going to be messy! Evidence new feature on the way from WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which has millions of users from all over the world, increases the experience of users with its innovations. One of the latest innovations that the platform is working on, which takes steps to meet the needs, allows users to store lost messages. Here are the details!

WhatsApp will let you save lost messages

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has recently come up with many new features. Although the application is not ahead of its competitors when it comes to innovations, it is important to meet the needs of users. One of these steps is WhatsApp Stored Messages is feature.

Users can save and save lost messages. keep it for all to see can use the new WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature to Generally speaking, disappearing messages are messages that disappear automatically after a certain period of time. Thanks to this feature, it will be possible to see the message even if it has expired.

WhatsApp has started testing the expected feature!

WhatsApp has started testing the expected feature!

WhatsApp has started testing the long-awaited message porting feature. So how will the transfer process be?

Users will have the option to keep it as well as remove it at any time. After selecting this option, the message will be deleted for everyone. In addition to all this, there is a small tool to distinguish these messages from other regular messages. visual difference it will be.

Looking at the screenshot, the sign next to the message With Instagram Saved sign it seems to be the same. The WhatsApp Stored Messages feature is still under development. Therefore, there is no information about when and how the feature can be used.

It's going to be messy!  A new proof feature from WhatsApp is on the way!

Apart from these, the platform has finally introduced the feature of transporting messages. With this feature, it will be easier to transfer all chats to another phone thanks to the QR code. Thus, there is no need to store the messages in the cloud first and then download them to the new device in order to transfer them.

So, what do you think about the WhatsApp Stored Messages feature? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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