It’s easier to gender with Phettberg

Asterisk, colon, inland I? A Germanist at the TU Braunschweig has a simpler solution.

Would you like to speak in a gender-sensitive manner, but still struggle with asterisks, colon and internal I? Then I would like to draw your attention to an alternative that has so far been neglected, a kind of barrier-free gender in easy language. The method comes from Thomas Kronschläger, Germanist and language teacher at the Technical University of Braunschweig; In short, it works like this: Add a “y” to the stem of the word when designating a person, and put a neutral “that” in front of it, and everyone will feel that they are being included. Gender until the doctor comes!

Kronschläger works in teacher training and gives examples from everyday school life in his essays and YouTube videos. “The pupil” becomes “das Schüly”, “the teacher: in” becomes “das Lehry”, “the professor” becomes “the professory”. To form the plural, just add an »s«: »die Schülys«, »die Lehrys«, »die Professorys«.