It Won’t Be The Most Populous Country In The World

China has announced that its population has decreased last year. India could become the world’s most populous country this year as the Chinese population dwindles by 800,000.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics (UIB) made a remarkable statement. In the statement, the Chinese population has long been decreased for the first time expressed. While the population of the country is recorded as 1 billion 411 million 800 thousand by the end of 2022, the data for 2021 shows the population of China. 1 billion 412 million 600 it was showing.

This statistic is important. Because China last experienced a population loss between 1960 and 1961 due to drought and famine. 30 million people had died. The population decrease of 800,000 in 2022, of course, is not as much as it was in the 1960s.

India’s population may surpass China this year!

second most populous country in the world India According to estimates, this year it will overtake China and become the most populous country in the world. Also, India will hold this title for years to come. Because the population loss in China will continue in the coming years. will increase exponentially is expressed. India’s current population 1.4 billion Let’s say it’s level.


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Let’s not go without mentioning the following: The fertility rate in China is per thousand. up to 6.77 declined. In China, where 9.56 million babies were born, the number of births decreased by 9.8 percent compared to the previous year. These figures were recorded as the lowest levels since 1949. Experts predict that this will continue, and the population of China will reach 1 billion 317 million in 2050 and in 2100. will drop to 766 million they say.

The United Nations made statements confirming the estimates from China.

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The United Nations (UN) has recently made a statement and India will overtake China in 2023. most populous country in the world He said he would become. The statement coming today reveals the possibility that the prediction of the United Nations may come true.


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