It was revealed that Thodex Transferred Millions of TL to Binance

Continuing to investigate the Thodex hack, the prosecution found that exchange managers transferred funds to Binance. Correspondingly, the prosecutor’s office, in correspondence with Binance, ensured the confiscation of 30 million 100 thousand 78 liras.

Turkey had experienced the largest cryptocurrency fraud in its history in the past. thodex A stock market called Dogecoin, especially supported by Elon Musk, defrauded countless citizens, and Faruk Fatih Özer, the head of the stock market, disappeared into obscurity. The new developments within the scope of the investigation are the results of Özer and his team. Transferring money to Binance revealed.

By Faruk Fatih Özer $108 million He is presumed to be in Albania, where he fled after the hit. Although Özer is requested to be extradited to Turkey, there has been no development regarding this issue for the time being. The prosecution also determined that all the defendants, including Faruk Fatih Özer, transferred money to Binance. Upon this, the officials who contacted Binance, 30 million 100 thousand 78 liras they seized.

Prosecutor’s Office is trying to determine the damage of 400 thousand victims

Defrauded under the leadership of Faruk Fatih Özer around 400 thousand The cryptocurrency investor’s money is hard to recover. However, the prosecutor’s office continues to work on the issue. In this context, the prosecutor’s office, which wrote to the Ministry of Commerce, Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), Treasury and Capital Markets Operations Unit, and the Tax Office, evaluated the company in terms of tax crimes, determined whether it was money laundering and the victims. determining the damage trying to provide.


From Burcu Esmersoy to Özge Ulusoy: Celebrities Playing in Thodex Advertising Charged

Thodex hit is not something Faruk Fatih Özer does alone. Together with Özer, who is on the run, in total 34 people were tried 6 people were arrested in the case. One of them is Güven Özer, the elder brother of the founder of Thodex. 27 people whose names were mentioned within the scope of the investigation judicial control requirement in a free state. How the case will turn out is a matter of curiosity, especially among cryptocurrency investors.

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