It was learned that the company that could not pay its debt of 10 million dollars went bankrupt.

Maple Finance, one of the largest loan platforms, has decided to sever its relationship with Orthogonal Trading due to financial disputes.

According to the statement made by Maple Finance, Orthogonal Trading “It painted a false image of the financial situation.”

Orthogonal, one of the crypto money companies, has previously received incapable of paying a debt being transferred.

Taken from a loan pool operated by Orthogonal’s M11 Credit Payback $10 million USDC on December 4 had to.

According to the statement made by Maple, Orthogonal, “Although it was sunk, it was still operating.” Although the company is also in a submerged state He did not make a statement for 4 weeks that he would not pay his debt..

In a statement made by Maple Finance, “Failed statements like this are in violation of Maple’s agreement and will take all necessary legal action to recover funds (related to the incident).” it said.

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