It was alleged that Tuğba Özerk laundered the Ciftlik Bank Money

A remarkable claim has been made regarding the Çiftlik Bank case. Allegedly, singer Tuğba Özerk was laundering Mehmet Aydın’s money through his company. While the investigation continues, no official statement has been made on the subject.

One of the important agenda items, especially in the past years, Farm Bench There was a remarkable development in the case. allegedly Tugba Autonomous The singer named “Tosuncuk” was laundering the money of Mehmet Aydın through his company. Supporting the allegations within the scope of the investigation opened some account transactions reached claimed. The investigation continues.

According to the allegations in the Sabah Newspaper, the first development regarding the allegations was that a few months ago it happened. In a police report, “The money of fraudster Mehmet Aydın, nicknamed Tosuncuk, is laundered through the company owned by Tuğba Özerk.‘ expressions were used. Istanbul Police Department Anti-Financial Crimes BranchThe report received was directed to the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK).

Investigation started

Evaluating the report according to the claim in Sabah MASAK, examined the account movements of Tuğba Özerk. As a result of the examinations, some money transfers in the company’s accounts suspected and the investigation allegedly deepened. In fact, the Çeşme Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office took action on the issue and said, “About the Autonomouscrime of laundering property values ​​resulting from crimeIt is stated that an investigation has been started from.


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When we look at Tuğba Özerk’s social media accounts, we can not find any information about the subject. there is no explanation We see. It seems that there may be new developments on the subject in the coming days.

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