It turns out that vitamin D can alleviate depression

Scientists have revealed in their research that vitamin D has a regulating effect on the nervous system and that vitamin D supplements can alleviate depression.

Some of us have deficiencies in various vitamins and we try to compensate them with supplements. Perhaps the most common of these vitamins is one that strengthens the immune system, protects against cancer and heart disease, bone disease, diabetes and diseases such as osteoporosis. is vitamin D.

Scientists think they may have uncovered another benefit of vitamin D in a recent study. According to new studies, vitamin D, It may alleviate the depression process.

Vitamin D regulates the nervous system

Depression symptoms are difficult to treat with medication. The therapeutic effect of current antidepressants is often insufficient to effectively treat depression. For this reason, scientists other ways to relieve depression symptoms They started looking.

In their research, scientists found that vitamin D can regulate central nervous system functions they discovered. In fact, experiments have shown a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depressive symptoms. On top of that, you can get vitamin D supplements in the form of capsules that you can buy from pharmacies. thought to alleviate depression. The answer to the following question was sought with 41 different studies from all over the world: ‘Is Vitamin D supplementation a placebo effect or can it actually calm the nervous system?’


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The results of the experiment revealed that vitamin D supplementation actually alleviated depressive symptoms in people with depression, not a placebo effect. There was wide variation in the doses of vitamin D used in the experiment, but typically vitamin D supplementation was 50-100 micrograms (2,000-4,000 IU) per day. depressive symptoms of subjects, It showed a significant decrease after vitamin D supplementation.

However, vitamin D supplementation alleviated the effects of depression. 100% proven You are welcome. However, it was revealed in previous studies that a similar effect was created by the vitamin D we get from food. Of course, even if we are taking vitamins, it is useful to consult a doctor for all supplements you will take from outside.

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