It turned out that the publisher of Zula was hacked

It was revealed that IDC Games, the European distributor of the domestic FPS game Zula, was hacked in December 2019, and the information was shared completely free of charge in March 2021. Shared user information includes e-mail addresses and passwords.

We see that there are huge cyber attacks on many small and large companies, platforms and services on the Internet, and as a result of these attacks, user data is seized and put up for sale or ransom demand is made to companies. An example of these was announced two days ago. Have I Been Pwned data leak, also confirmed by Zula’s European distributor IDC Games was sourced.

According to the data leak announced by Have I Been Pwned on November 17, the information of 4 million users was leaked from Spain-based IDC Games. But this leak was not new at all. In the hacker forum where the leaked information is shared, the information Captured in December 2019 was stated. The information was made available for completely free download on the hacker forum on March 15, 2021.

What information has emerged?

Among these users, the information of a total of 4 million 3 thousand 642 users is included. in the data file with many Turkish users The following information was included:

  • User name
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Passwords encrypted with IPB format

What danger does the disclosure of this data present?

As with every data leak, this data leak brings with it many dangers. The biggest of these dangers is chained data leaks. Information of 4 million IDC Games users, These users may also cause the platforms they are authorized to be hijacked.. Likewise, users’ information on other platforms can also be revealed thanks to this information.

We could not find any statement from IDC Games on this subject:

idc games

About this newly confirmed data leak, IDC Games’ We couldn’t find any explanation..


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On January 18, IDC Games temporarily stopped the distribution of Zula to Europe:

The distributor company, in a statement shared on its Twitter account, until the developer company of Zula Europe (MadByte Games) fixes and updates the game. is temporarily closed had explained. The company said the status of the game so far, as MadByte did not release any updates.intolerable‘ he called it.

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