It turned out that Samsung has developed the artificial intelligence language model!

Artificial intelligence, the product of developing technology, has entered an upward trend in recent years. So much so that it has taken a place in our lives and continues to do so. There are giant companies such as OpenAI and Google that are currently working on this issue. According to a report that came out today, Samsung is among the companies that are developing its own artificial intelligence language model. Here are the details…

Samsung is developing its own artificial intelligence language model!

Currently, OpenAl’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard artificial intelligence tools stand out in the technology world. So far, these tools have already been integrated into many websites, social media platforms and mobile applications, and the number of integrations is increasing.

Recently Samsung‘Fame ChatGPT leaked inside the company that he was considering developing a similar artificial intelligence language model. Today, the tech giant LLM well Large Language Model It turned out that he started working on artificial intelligence based on artificial intelligence.

Google Bard will now answer advanced math questions too!

Google Bard will now answer advanced math questions too!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently shared that Bard will be much more talented.

According to the news of Sammobile, Samsung has invested a great deal of manpower and resources for this. According to the information conveyed, the company has allocated all GPU resources to start training the language model and aims to complete this training within two months.

According to the shared information, Samsung will announce the artificial intelligence language model two months later if the training studies are over. It is not clear whether this artificial intelligence language model, which will be used for purposes such as document summarization, software development and language translation, will be available to everyone. Maybe the company is aiming to use it for their own projects.

As a matter of fact, Samsung used third-party artificial intelligence solutions such as ChatGPT before that. He even conducted interviews with various companies such as Google, Microsoft, Naver and OpenAI.

However, Samsung has banned third-party AI tools after some staff members leaked important data via ChatGPT. The company then decided to develop its own artificial intelligence language model. This could be the end for Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. Because it is thought that if the company can achieve its goals, it will come up with a better solution to the user.

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