It made millions happy! The giant game is becoming a Netflix series!

Exciting news for Minecraft fans came from Netflix. Minecraft is coming to the Netflix platform as a new animated series. Here are all the details of the Minecraft animated series, which has millions of fans…

Netflix announced that this new animated series “An original story and new characters” announced that it will include. So, we will see the Minecraft world from a completely different perspective. The production of the series is entrusted to WildBrain Studios. This studio has previously produced successful adaptations such as Sonic Prime and Ninjago.

Not many details have been shared yet, but “coming soonEven the phrase ” is enough to get us excited. News of the Minecraft animated series comes at a time when video game adaptations are experiencing a golden age. The Last of Us And fall out While games such as have turned into very successful TV series, characters such as Mario and Sonic have taken movie theaters by storm.

A special surprise from Google for the 15th anniversary of Minecraft!A special surprise from Google for the 15th anniversary of Minecraft!

A special surprise from Google for the 15th anniversary of Minecraft!

While Minecraft was celebrating its 15th anniversary, Google prepared a surprise for the players. Here is the Google Minecraft surprise…

Minecraft animated series aside, Netflix is ​​not sitting idle; It achieves great success with projects such as Castlevania, Dota 2, Gears of War, Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider and Mega Man. It previously hosted the interactive series Minecraft: Story Mode. Now, it’s time to dive into the world of Minecraft once again with this new animated series.

YouTube videoYouTube video

With the Minecraft animated series, we can’t wait to dive into the blocky world of Minecraft again. What will we see in this adventure full of original story and new characters? Will the Creepers be at work again, or will we face completely new enemies? How do you think this new animated series will reflect the world of Minecraft? Don’t forget to share your expectations and thoughts with us…

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