It made me say that Huawei does not have an unbreakable screen anymore!

Huawei’s newest flagship Mate 50 There is Kunluk glass in the series. Huawei claims that this glass, which stands out with its durability, is up to 10 times stronger than other smartphones. Alright Huawei Kunlun glass How durable is it really?

What is Kunlun glass in Huawei Mate 50?

According to the Chinese company’s statement, Kunlun was the result of a four-year development process. announced last year Mate 50 family were the first devices to have this glass. Kunlun went through 108 different procedures, including 24-hour crystal growth and a melting at 1600 degrees.

PBK Review, on the other hand, applied a drop test to this glass in a different way. As a result of the test, it was stated that the Kunlun glass was quite successful after being dropped on the concrete. Protecting the AMOLED screen of the Mate 50 series, Kunlun did not break despite being dropped from waist and head height.

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But after the fourth fall, it was noticed that the Kunlun glass cracked. Leaving the phone face down from waist level, PBK Review managed to create a thin crack on the windshield. However, it should not be forgotten that he fell on the concrete floor and this test was done for the fourth time.

The durability of Kunlun glass was also tested by different teams. Audit and certification company SGS said it deserved five stars.

Kunlun, IP68 dust and waterproof It was produced specially for the orange Mate 50 models with the feature. It also allows the phone to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

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Huawei’s upcoming in the P60 series Kunlun glass was claimed. In addition, the company will also include innovations found in the Mate 50 Pro, such as the XMAGE photo system and low battery emergency mode. of the P60 family March It is expected to be introduced in May.

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