It is claimed that the iPhone 15 may come with a new design

According to the claim shared by ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, the iPhone 15 may include a new design. The new series may have rounded edges.

Launching the new iPhone series 14 in the past weeks, Apple has already started to come up with the next year’s models. While information and claims about the iPhone 15 series are increasing day by day, today a striking claim shared.

ShrimpApplePro, one of the accounts that previously shared a lot of information about Apple, is Apple’s that you can make a big change with the iPhone 15 sign did. Apple may switch to a new iPhone design.

iPhone phones may no longer have sharp edges:

Switching to the old ‘flat and sharp’ edge design with the iPhone 12 series, Apple will now switch to a completely different design, according to a photo that has emerged. This design is similar to the one we’ve seen on MacBook Pros today and before on the iPhone 5C.rounded corners‘ will be.

This rounded corner will only be found on the back edges of the phone. The edges of the phone will be flat, as in the current design. However, the back surface of the device, from titanium to do.

Of course, this information is currently only It should be noted that it is a claim. We don’t know the source of the photo we saw, so we can’t argue with its accuracy. It is also a matter of discussion whether Apple will change the design that it currently holds.


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