It Is Claimed That Samsung Will Produce Its Own Graphics Processors

It has been claimed that Samsung will produce its own GPU to compete with, or even surpass, Apple and Qualcomm in the chip production race.

Inside Exynos 2200 Xclipse 920 GPUwas a graphics processing unit born as a result of the partnership between AMD and Samsung. For the South Korean tech giant, this was a huge first step. After this important move by Samsung, industry sources suggested that the company’s next move will be much bigger.

Allegedly, Samsung, in order to use it on their mobile devices will start producing their own GPUs. So why would Samsung want to produce a GPU?

It is assumed that Samsung wants to outperform Apple and Qualcomm in GPU production

Inside Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chipset, the company’s production with popular graphics processing unit manufacturer AMD GPU with RDNA2 architecture. Receiving the desired result from this collaboration, Samsung wants to continue it.

The company still uses AMD’s RDNA architecture in these GPUs it has developed. Samsung hasn’t had much success with its previous GPU manufacturing experiences, but Exynos 2200 chipsetAlthough it was criticized at several points, it managed to be appreciated in terms of performance.


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It is also stated that Samsung’s plans to produce its own GPU are based on this. As you know, the first condition of launching affordable products to the market is to reduce costs. By producing its own GPU, Samsung to save cost it aims both to get ahead in terms of performance and to enter a competition with its competitors in which it is in control.

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