It is claimed that a new interview of Atatürk has appeared

AK Party Deputy Assoc. Dr. Halil Özşavlı stated that he came across an interview that Atatürk made 98 years ago by chance. Speaking to AA, Özşavlı drew attention to the importance of the interview, which focused on capitulations and full independence.

AK Party’s Şanlıurfa Deputy historian Assoc. Dr. Halil Ozsavli, Mustafa Kemal Atatürkgiven to Paul Gentizon, a journalist from the French newspaper Le Temps, 98 years ago. hitherto unknown He claimed that he found an interview in the British archive.

While he was doing research on the Great Izmir Fire in the British National Archives, the British warship docked in Izmir Port. In Curaccoa’s logbook Özşavlı, who said that he coincidentally came across an interview belonging to Atatürk, said that the interview, which had not been published anywhere before, in terms of Atatürk’s messages. quite precious noted that.

Interview highlights ‘new Turkey’ and full independence

Gentizon, who had a face-to-face interview with Atatürk on February 12, 1923, later made this interview. to the captain of the ship Özşavlı stated that he reported “The captain takes this and writes it in the log. Then I looked to see if this interview was published in Le Temps newspaper. I found the Le Temps newspaper of the period. It did not appear there in any way. I asked the Atatürk Research Center, I researched it myself, this interview of Mustafa Kemal is absolutely unknown. Therefore, this interview appeared for the first time and I’ve found that it hasn’t been published before.” used the phrases.


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Özşavlı, in a total of 1.5-page interview, said Atatürk’s speech three times. “new Turkey” Underlining that you use the expression, “The capitulations are under no circumstances we will not acceptI always expressed it during the 4 years we fought for our independence.” and “I am surprised that the French are more uncompromising on this than anyone else. The feelings that I and my country feel towards France are friendly. If the French government insists that we accept conditions that would endanger our independence, we cannot consider that insistence amicable. The new Turkey wants to live like other nations. We are against the new Turkey being considered a second China or a colony. We will not be slaves. The only thing that drives our actions, to full independence is our demand, and the French people should not think that our attitude is due to some other motivation. We want to establish good relations with France because the two countries have many common interests. It will be most beneficial if these become mutual relations. If not, there will be endless difficulties.” He stated that the interview in which his statements were made was extremely valuable in that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk emphasized the new Turkey and full independence 98 years ago.

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