It Has Been Claimed That Gasoline and LPG Prices Will Increase Again

It was claimed that there would be another hike in gasoline and LPG before the citizens could digest the latest hikes. reported that the new hike in question will be effective from the beginning of the week.

When we talk about the economic situation we are in and the global effects caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, there is a new thing every week. fuel hike We are used to seeing the news. Finally, before the Ramadan Feast, gasoline saw an increase of 1.33 TL; a week ago, it was stated that there would be a 33 cent hike in diesel prices.

Now, what will be reflected in fuel prices a new raisefuture has been claimed., referring to the information coming from industry sources, as of Monday LPG and gasoline hike foretold his future.

An increase of 40 kuruş for LPG and 1.68 TL for gasoline is expected. to LPG on Monday 40 centsif gasoline 1.68 TL He claimed he expected a raise. In case of the aforementioned hike, the liter price of gasoline will be in Istanbul. 22.8 TLin Ankara 22.93 TL and in Izmir 22.94 TLwhile reaching; In LPG prices, the situation is for Istanbul. 11.25 TLfor Ankara 11.47 TL and also for Izmir 11.19 TL will be shaped.

However, just a few months ago, on December 2, 2021, the price of gasoline was 9.12 TL per liter yesterday. 21.15 TLhas seen; Thus, the increase in the price of gasoline in the last 6 months 131.90 TLHe had found .

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