Is TikTok shutting down? New warning from FBI

China-based social media platform TikTok privacy concerns remain. According to the FBI’s latest statement, the company poses an extremely critical national security threat. The data on TikTok is thought to be shared with the Chinese government.

FBI: We are extremely worried about TikTok

FBI Director Christopher Wray The latest statements made by TikTok revealed the institution’s point of view against TikTok. He accused the China-based company of endangering the safety of US and European users. Wray argued that this danger had widened to affect political voting results.

“We have national security concerns on TikTok on the FBI side,” the FBI Director told the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee. “It includes the possibility of the Chinese government using it to control data collection on millions of users,” he said.

The veil of secrecy is lifted in TikTok!  See who recorded the videos

The veil of secrecy is lifted in TikTok! See who recorded the videos

Popular social media platform TikTok is coming with a new feature. With this feature you will be able to see who recorded the videos!

Drawing attention to the recommendation algorithm offered by TikTok to users, the FBI stated that controlling the software on millions of devices is equivalent to controlling the thoughts of millions of people. This also brought up a new restriction to the platform.

TikTok is known to have more than 140 million users in the US. However, since Generation Z constitutes a large part of this number, it is thought to pose a comprehensive threat to national security. It also surpassed Google last year. most popular website in the world it happened.

TikTok has also become a topic of discussion with a new security policy a while ago. The platform, which radically changed the privacy policy regarding data accessibility, allowed Chinese employees to access EU and UK data.

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