Is this the end of the bear market?

Dusseldorf The Dax is on the up again. The leading German index rose by ten percent within a month. In the meantime, it has recovered more than 1000 points from its low for the year at the beginning of July – this fuels hope among investors that the worst on the stock market is now over. Is the bear market over now?

Investors can’t breathe easy yet, explains Handelsblatt stock market expert Ulf Sommer in an interview with Ina Karabasz on Handelsblatt Today. “The best signal of an ending bear market is when the stock market stops responding to bad news because everyone who wants to sell has already sold,” he says on today’s show. “But we’re not that far yet.”

Nevertheless, there have been more optimists than pessimists in the last four weeks – this is shown by the rising prices. So what is the long-term perspective on the stock market? Is the bear market really coming to an end or will the pessimistic voices be the ones that are right?

In addition: The 1.5-degree target can no longer be met in view of constantly increasing CO2 emissions. Berlin and Brussels must now start setting the right framework conditions, according to Handelsblatt editor Kevin Knitterscheidt in his comment. He explains why, in his opinion, we can no longer afford to be considerate of complaining residents and environmental organizations that protect species. Today’s edition is hosted by Tobias Gürtler.

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