Is stalking a crime? What is Stalk, What Does Stalking Mean?

We are all a little familiar with the word stalk, which is frequently used on social media such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Although it may seem innocent to sneak up on the social media account of the person we are wondering about, there is also the extremely dangerous aspect of stalking someone in real life. What is stalking someone on social media and in real life, is stalking a crime more in our article.

stalking We are all familiar with the word social media. We have stalked ex-lovers, people we have just met, or people whose lives we are curious about, even for once, on social media, that is, we have looked at them surreptitiously.

Stalk logic is a concept that is used frequently, especially among young people. Although sneaking a peek at a photo posted on Instagram innocent work, even though it seems like a move serious and criminal can progress to situations. We have told you about stalking on social media and what is stalking in real terms, is stalking a person a crime?

What is stalking?

stalkingis an English word and means “sneak” or “sneak”. It has a job in the logic of the word stalk, which has different uses according to different fields. unnoticed, secretly there is to do.

What does stalking and stalker mean?

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

As can be understood from the meaning of the word, a person on social media or in real life. to follow secretly, watching undetected is called stalking. to the person who performed this action. “stalker” is named.

In people we call stalkers, stalking is now a thing. disease became like that. The movements of the person who constantly checks where the person he is curious about goes, what he wears or what he shares and spends most of his time stalking disturbing can reach one size.

What is stalking on social media?

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, we start to wonder about someone’s life, what he does, what he writes, and to control him discreetly on social media. stalker it’s called. While some people do this with their personal accounts, some people open fake accounts and continue their stalking from here.

Curiosity is in human nature. Social media channels are also seen as places where people share almost everything. As a result, you can easily check the person you are curious about on social media without meeting them in real life. It’s perfectly normal to look at the lives of popular, famous people. However, there are stalker addicts who take this to the next level by opening a fake account and checking their ex-girlfriend or friend.

Fake account opening logic advanced stalking and the incident can reach disturbing dimensions by the person who is really stalked. The number of fake accounts on social media channels is almost equal to the number of real accounts. equivalent. In cases where people cannot follow on social media and follow requests are not accepted, they create a completely fake identity and create a secret account. to reach they are working.

How do we know if we are being stalked on social media?

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

Some people are professionally behind it. without leaving a trace He can stalk people. Some people can give themselves away with their little mistakes. You can understand that you have been stalked by events such as liking a very old photo of you, follow-up requests sent and instantly withdrawn, or a statement from the story you shared.

If the person stalking you is doing this on their own personal account, it is necessary to understand who the stalker is. very easy will be. However, if the above actions are taken by an account you don’t know, don’t even have a profile photo, or don’t have a mutual friend, your account has been stalked, under lock and key It is worth saying that you should take it.

Is stalking on social media a crime?

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

With the methods mentioned above, people to secretly checkSo, is stalking a crime, a question that is wondered by everyone. stalking in a way that does not disturb the person in front of you does not constitute a crime.

However, if you try to use the photos or information of the person you stalk, share them somewhere, these cyber crimes are a violation of privacy, even harassment, and there are criminal sanctions. People who think that their accounts are stalked and their privacy is shared can apply to legal methods and file a criminal complaint against the stalker and ensure that these people are caught.

What is stalking someone in real life?

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

Although stalking other people on social media “pseudo-innocent” However, the real-life dimension of the job is extremely disturbing and dangerous. According to research done stalker addict peoples violent it seems that he is, and for the person he follows danger element seen as.

In real life, stalking someone is to follow the stalker to the places they go, even to their home, without being noticed. What are you doing secretly? is to look. abusive Actions such as phone calls, calling from a hidden number and listening to the voice of the other person without speaking are also included in the category of stalking.

In real life, stalking is extremely dangerous

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

One of the main reasons for stalking someone in real life is between the stalker and the stalker before. have an emotional connection or an unrequited relationship may result. Unable to interfere with the other party’s life through a relationship, the stalker controls every moment of the life of the person he follows. to establish control works.

When the person being followed realizes what is going on and expresses his discomfort, the stalker may try to intimidate the other party by intimidating by using threatening ways. later violent behavior, even attacks even observable.

Is stalking a crime in real life?

What is stalking? is stalking a crime?

Since stalking someone in real life is extremely wrong, dangerous and objectionable, there are extremely heavy penalties if the stalker is caught. stalker violation of privacy, do not disturb the peace and tranquility of people will be prosecuted for such crimes and a legal process will be initiated.

What should we do if we think we are being stalked in real life?

what is stalking is it a crime to stalk

If you think someone is stalking you, trying to get into your personal space your own safety You must take legal action immediately. If you are being subjected to verbal, written or physical violence, all you have to do is punish the offender. bring to justice will be.

Go to the governor’s office of your location request for protection you can be found. After this request, the governorship will investigate the person following you and will provide protection according to the dimensions of the threat.