Is Sony ending its activities in Turkey?

Recently, many technology companies around the world inflation due to various difficulties. In our country, on the other hand, companies are facing bigger problems with the recent increase in exchange rates. rising prices Companies that cannot reach the targeted figures can decide to leave the country. One of these companies recently Sony claimed to be. On this subject, a statement came from company and sector officials.

Sony made a statement about its activities in Turkey

Recently, rumors began to emerge about Sony’s departure from Turkey, especially on social media. As it is known, Sony has been operating for a long time. Sony Europe through its distributor.

First PlayStation It was learned that the company, which is located in Turkey with many products, including Turkey, will optimize its activities in Turkey. According to the information we received from Sony and industry officials, Sony Eurasia, TV and sound systems is shrinking in its category. It is among the news that Sony, which had previously terminated the sale of smartphones in our country, will soon begin to continue its operations in Turkey with a smaller team.

DualSense Edge, the new arm of Sony PlayStation 5, is in our hands!

DualSense Edge, the new arm of Sony PlayStation 5, is in our hands!

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Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind after the downsizing move is naturally PlayStation is happening. As in many countries, Sony’s game console It has achieved very successful sales figures in Turkey as well. Still, we can say that the PlayStation brand will continue on its way without being affected by the latest developments.

However, Sony PlayStation may continue on its way with a different distributor in Turkey. On the other hand PlayStation Turkey, currently continues its activities in connection with the UK channel. In addition to PlayStation sales PS+ subscription services will continue to be offered in our country.

Let us remind you again that Sony has not decided to withdraw from Turkey, according to the latest information. So, you Sony What do you think about the decision of the brand for its activities in Turkey? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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