Is It Possible to Create Artificial Gravity?

In popular science fiction movies and TV series, the people in the spacecraft are firmly on the ground, but why do the astronauts who go into space in real life spin in space? Because real spacecraft do not have artificial gravity. Well, why don’t we create artificial gravity and do much more successful space travel?

If you have noticed in popular science fiction series and movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the people in the spacecrafts wandering in the endless space are firmly on the ground as if they are somewhere on Earth. When we watch astronauts on real space missions, we see them floating in space inside the vehicle. Because artificial gravity is a fictional construct.

It is theoretically possible to create artificial gravity. The basic laws of physics say that such a structure can be created. However, practical physics does not paint such an easily applicable picture. To create the centripetal force that will create artificial gravity, we need to build brand new and huge spacecraft. Besides artificial gravity, Nor is it a structure required in all space missions.

What is artificial gravity?

As spacecraft move away from Earth they are stripped of the gravitational influence of our planet. It is not possible for a vehicle in motion to enter the gravitational effect of another space object. People in spacecraft remaining in a gravity, weightless environment; Due to this unfamiliar situation, they may face many health problems.

artificial gravity, spacecraft away from Earth gravity so that people do not have health problems It is a construct that can be created. Thanks to this structure, people in the vehicle can travel in an environment similar to Earth’s gravity. Thus, the problems that may occur due to the non-gravity environment are minimized.

Why do we need artificial gravity?

artificial gravity

Actually, we don’t need artificial gravity for now. Space missions that have been successfully carried out over the years prove this. However, these space missions relatively short-term space travel. This is why artificial gravity is not needed.

And when we will one day travel to or settle in Mars or much more distant planets. artificial gravity will be a real life saver. Because without gravity, it is impossible for us to stay healthy or even live that long.

artificial gravity The most important reason we need is our blood flow. When there is no gravity, blood can pool into our brain. Likewise, since our muscles and bones are floating in space, they can cause problems after a while. The world has wonderful living conditions for us. As these living conditions deteriorate, our quality of life decreases. That’s why we need artificial gravity.

Is it possible to create artificial gravity?

artificial gravity

Yes, it is possible to create artificial gravity. Even when we examine it within the framework of the laws of physics In theory, it’s pretty easy to create artificial gravity. It is enough for the spacecraft in question to follow a circular cycle and a centripetal force emerges as a result of this cycle. Take artificial gravity.

Even if we are not aware of it, our world is exerting a force on us at every moment. We live as a result of this force and keep our feet firmly on the ground. the force exerted by the earth, it is possible to imitate it with the centripetal force that we will obtain as a result of a simple cycle. As long as our spacecraft is large enough to generate force as a result of this cycle.

Why don’t we create artificial gravity?

artificial gravity

Isn’t it, if it’s so easy why don’t we do it? Unfortunately, creating artificial gravity is only theoretically easy. When it comes to practice, things get a little confusing. Because the spacecraft, which will enter the circular loop necessary to create a centripetal force, must be much larger than anything built so far to create such a force.

If you say they give an IBAN, let’s fire something and build a big spacecraft, it doesn’t make much sense either. After all Who takes a taxi to go to the market in the back street? The cost of building that large spacecraft needed to create artificial gravity is utterly unnecessary for short space missions.

After all, when we’re going to go to Mars or a much more distant planet someday such a spacecraft could do a mission worth the cost. Perhaps it would even be possible to provide artificial gravity with a rotating centrifuge at the center of such a large ship, as in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Isn’t there another way to create artificial gravity?

artificial gravity

Although it raises questions even in theory for now, yes, there is one more way to create artificial gravity. Moreover, scientists are working on this issue at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research. At the center of the study is antimatter, which we think hides the secret of the entire universe.

Gravity pulls. It’s a fundamental law of physics. So this will react negatively to the gravitational force. The force that will repel this force may be hidden in antimatter. To create gravity, albeit artificial, in a spacecraft we always expect a gravitational force at the base, what if instead there is a repulsive force from the ceiling?

Even if the vehicle is in the middle of space, it is under the influence of a small gravitational force. Even the vehicle itself in motion exerts this force. As a result of studies at CERN, if it is determined where this gravity comes from, An antimatter field can be created. As a result of the repulsive force exerted by this antimatter field, an unfamiliar artificial gravity may emerge.

As in popular science fiction works one day What is artificial gravity that will allow us to stand firmly on the ground in space vehicles, is it possible to create We answered the curious questions such as, and talked about the physics rules necessary for the creation of such a structure.

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