Is iOS 16.5 killing iPhone battery? Description has arrived

iPhone users have recently started to complain about the battery performance of the iOS 16.5 version. Expressing their criticism of the new update on Twitter, users said that the battery life of some models is reduced. Thereupon, Apple’s statement was not delayed.

“My battery is running low after iOS 16.5 update”

Users can report battery complaints about iOS 16.5 to Apple via social media. delivered. Allegedly, the battery performance of iPhone models with iOS 16.5 decreased and the charging time was extended. However, according to the company, this is not linked to the latest update.

Users who contacted Apple reported that it was caused by a background process after the update. with iOS 16.5 iPhone, data optimization and received a software setup that includes recalibration operations.

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iPhones that receive updates usually run a series of processes in the background. These transactions photos with new machine learning algorithms It includes tasks such as scanning and optimizing various data. Combined with advanced battery management features, these actions can result in increased battery consumption.

However, it should be noted that after its completion in a short time, the iPhone will return to the old order. So iOS If you have a battery life problem after installing 16.5 don’t be alarmed. After the background adjustments are finished, the battery performance will return to its previous order.

One of the concerns among users is whether the battery life is permanently affected. However, let’s say that the battery is not damaged and you can install new updates with peace of mind.

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