Is Coinbase the Next Target of Binance CEO? He Says His Doubts About Bitcoin Reserves!

last week FTXtriggering the “clean hands” operation with his words directed at Binance CEOA post about Coinbase came from ‘su Cz’.

Coinbase’s failure to provide proof of reserve caused a lot of speculation.

Questioning Coinbase’s reserves in a news report on Yahoo, Cz said:

“Coinbase says it holds 635,000 Bitcoins for Grayscale.

4 months ago Coinbase had less than 600,000 Bitcoins.

I’m not making any claims, just saying what I’ve seen on the news.

Glassnode probably has more up-to-date data.”

While the Binance CEO hinted that Coinbase did not have as much BTC as it claimed, it caused panic for a short time, while there was a small pullback in Bitcoin.

Later, after a follower reminded that custody and exchange services are separate, and that the reserve difference may be due to this, CZ said, “I think that’s the case and they hold more Bitcoin in custody services.”

Update 21:36 Cz deleted his post after the backlash.

After one of his followers said that such posts harm the industry, Cz shared a gif of an ostrich burying his head in the sand.

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