Iron Staples Used in Notre Dame Cathedral!

An important discovery was made regarding the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was destroyed in 2019. It was found that the architects supported the building by using iron in the construction of this cathedral. This discovery further increased the importance of the building.

At the forefront of the issues that are on the agenda of the whole world in 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral was coming. Because the cathedral, which has an 850-year history and is important not only for the Christian world, but also for the world cultural heritage thanks to this feature, was destroyed in a fire. turned to ash. About Notre Dame Cathedral, where restoration work is currently carried out stunning information has been reached.

The researches on Notre Dame Cathedral, which was started to be built in 1163 and opened in 1345, have been found in this cathedral. technologies ahead of their time revealed that it was placed. With a height of 32 meters, the building was known as the tallest cathedral of its time, and the latest news is that the architects of that period had a huge using iron staples demonstrates that this is possible.

The walls had been attached with “staples” since the first day of construction.

Investigations by archaeologists revealed that there were iron supports in this cathedral dating back to the 1160s. These irons, which look like a stapler, are the stones that make up the walls. holding each other was used for. This discovery provided the Notre Dame Cathedral with another new feature. Archaeologists “dIt is known that the order was used to bind stones as a suitable building material. first Gothic cathedralThey began to call it ‘.

Here’s what the staples used look like:

Notre Dame Cathedral fastened with staples

What’s even more interesting about the discovery is that the staples were maintained throughout the 180 years that construction continued. Experts thought that 2 or 3 architects working on the construction of the cathedral would use staples. transferred to each other they say. However, the iron and applications used over the years seem to have changed. According to archaeologists, these differences are in terms of the conditions of the period. very likely A situation.

More photos from the staples found in the cathedral:

wall fixing stapler

According to archaeologists, the architects working in Notre Dame Cathedral used these irons to build the building, just like in today’s construction industry. to be supported they provided. Thanks to iron staples, columns are used in many parts of the building. there was no need


Why Notre Dame Cathedral Is So Important To Many

The discovery was also important regarding the iron trade in those years. Because, according to the oldest known documents, the iron trade was carried out in various ways in the 12th and 13th centuries. tax rules was included. Analysis of the irons used in Notre Dame Cathedral revealed that these irons were brought from different places and fixed by welding. Archaeologists, with the studies to be done in those years, understand how to maintain they are thinking.

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