iPhone satellite link range expands

Activating satellite connection in the USA in November, Apple saved the life of a person who traveled from Noorvik to Kotzebue with a snow machine in 2022. Satellite connection technology, which entered our lives with the iPhone 14 family, has been active in two more countries. Here are the details…

iPhone satellite connection range is expanding! Will he come to Turkey?

It is worth remembering that the feature, which was made available in the United States and Canada in November, will be available to iPhone 14 owners free of charge for the first two years. On the day the feature became available, Apple announced that Emergency SOS via satellite would expand to four new countries over the next few months.

Apple made its emergency satellite communications features available to users in Australia and New Zealand on Monday. The company announced that users with iPhone 14 in the region will be able to contact emergency services and share their location with friends and family in places where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Everything we know about the iPhone 15!

Everything we know about the iPhone 15!

Although it has been more than a year before its release, there are many claims about the iPhone 15 model.

The company stated that due to the low bandwidth of satellite communications, Apple uses a special compression technology so that messages can be sent quickly. In an emergency, users can activate the satellite link feature by quickly tapping the power button five times, holding the power and volume button, or pressing 000.

Regarding the feature, which can create an emergency call via satellite link, Apple’s website states, “Our new models have special components that are deeply integrated with software to allow antennas to be connected directly to a satellite. Users will be able to message emergency services when out of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. This may take several minutes, as satellites are low-bandwidth mobile targets. As every second counts with Emergency SOS over satellite, iPhone poses several vital questions to assess the user’s condition. After the questions answered, the device shows where they should point their phone to connect to the satellite. During this process, the emergency call is forwarded to centers with Apple-trained experts.” contains the description. It is estimated that satellite connection technology will come to our country in 2024 at the earliest.

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