iPhone Sales May Halt Due To Ericsson Lawsuits

It has been revealed that new cases have been added to the lawsuits between Apple and Ericsson that have been going on since 2015. The lawsuits, which were first filed in the USA, have now spread to Europe and South America. Moreover, these lawsuits may ban iPhone sales in some countries.

US-based tech giant apple with the Swedish-based communications giant EricssonThey’ve been at war for years. The reason for the broken relations since 2015 is the mutual patent accusations of the parties. Apple on the one hand and Ericsson on the other, keep accusing each other of patent infringement. Long-running litigation on US borders, now reached across the ocean. Moreover, an extraordinary process has begun for Apple.

According to previously obtained information, Ericsson has filed its lawsuits against Apple with the United States. in the state of Texas had opened. Industry sources said that there was a lawsuit in a country in Europe, but they could not find information about which country. The statements made by Juve Patent, which publishes news about patent processes in Europe, are between Apple and Ericsson. Germany, Holland, Belgium and BrazilIt reveals that there are lawsuits filed in . The lawsuits in Brazil and the Netherlands demand injunctive relief, putting iPhone sales in those countries at risk. On the other hand, according to industry sources, it was England’s turn.

There are allegedly at least 2 cases in Germany

According to the information obtained, Apple filed the lawsuit against Ericsson’s first lawsuit in the USA, US International Trade Commission(ITC) opened. In this case, Apple wants Ericsson to be barred from importing into the US. Ericsson, in its case, claimed that Apple had infringed a patent and 5G patents are unlicensed asserts. In other words, both parties are blaming each other for the same reason.

When we look at the situation in Europe, Mannheim It turned out that there were many cases in the city. In this context; Two lawsuits filed by Ericsson against Apple in Mannheim. Apple has filed a lawsuit against Ericsson in this city. On the other hand; Ericsson’s in Munich It is claimed that there are also complaints petitions against Apple. Although concrete information about the cases in Mannheim has been obtained, this is not the case in Munich. It is also unclear whether these lawsuits are related to the iPhone sales ban.


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It is unknown how the lawsuits will turn out, but Apple has decided that Ericsson to withdraw wants. In return for patents determination of license fee wanting It looks like Apple is trying to close the issue without further ado. Ericsson’s stance on the cases is unknown. But Apple seems to have no choice but to convince Ericsson. Because the sales bans to be encountered in various countries may expose Apple to much bigger problems.

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