iPhone Crash Detection puts skateboarders in a tight spot

Along with the iPhone 14 series, Apple also introduced the Accident Detection feature to its users. The Accident Detection feature detects that the iPhone user has had an accident and notifies the police by calling the police if they do not react. However, this feature automatically activates in different situations, in addition to the accident, for Apple customers. So much so that the police are getting used to this situation day by day and say that even if it misdirects, the feature should not be disabled.

Apple spokesperson announced that they will improve the Crash Detection feature

Emergency officials announced that people using iPhone 14 and skateboarding have received a lot of notifications recently, thanks to the Accident Detection feature. Accident Detection technology sends a notification to the owner of the device if it detects any different situation and sends the location of its location to the emergency teams if it does not receive a response for twenty seconds.

Emergency crews explained that when they answered calls from skateboarders who didn’t crash, they often didn’t get a response. Because the Accident Detection feature sends automatic notifications regardless of the person, and the device owner is often not even aware of this situation.

Historical record from Apple!  iPhone sales peak

Historical record from Apple! iPhone sales peak

iPhone sales peaked. One out of every four devices sold in China was an iPhone. This shows that Apple has been number one for two months.

Emergency personnel disabled the still vital Accident Detection feature despite false calls. not to be left believes it should. Law enforcement officers on the subject make the following statement:

“We don’t want you to turn this feature off. We prefer you to be safe. We don’t care about answering this call because we want to be able to reach you if something really happened.”

An Apple spokesperson, on the other hand, explained that iPhone 14 Accident Detection works extremely accurately in detecting serious accidents and that the company will continue to improve the feature. The Accident Detection feature was also on the agenda in October when a woman sent a misleading overlay when she got on the roller coaster.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? How do you find the iPhone 14 Accident Detection feature and in what ways do you think it should be improved? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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