iPhone Cameras May Have Issues with Vibrations

In a statement from the support forum, Apple mentioned a situation that could damage the camera of most iPhones. According to the statement, exposing the devices to high vibration damages the mechanism of the camera system, causing a decrease in photo quality. Apple warns those who fix iPhones on the handlebars of vehicles, especially motorcycles.

Last year, Apple introduced the magnetic accessory system MagSafe. Earlier this year, the company released some magnetic accessories. optical image stabilizer and closed loop auto focus He explained that phones with features can cause problems with their cameras. Just before the launch of the new iPhones, a new warning came from the company about camera problems.

A post on Apple’s official support forum explained that exposing iPhones to high vibration can damage the camera system on the device. This is one of the things that increases the risk the most. Fixing iPhones to motorcycle handlebars.

Vibrations from motorcycle handlebars disrupt movable camera gear

According to an official statement on Apple’s support forum, exposing most iPhone models to high vibration can damage the phone’s camera system over time. Authorities explain this situation as follows: “If you move the phone while taking a picture, your photo may come out blurry. To prevent this, some iPhones have optical image stabilization (OIS). After the gyroscope moves Thanks to OIS, it is understood that the phone is moving. and the lens is moved in the opposite direction so that the photo is not blurred. This way you get clear pictures.”

“Again, some iPhones have closed-loop autofocus. This feature provides focus according to the vibration and shaking the phone is exposed to. In this way, videos are smoother and panorama photos are smoother. Both features have been developed for durability. However, as with other devices with these features, exposing iPhones to high vibration can cause camera system malfunctions. Thus over time Photo and video quality may suffer

In its advice to avoid it, Apple cites a common mistake: fixing iPhones to motorcycle handlebars for shooting. Since these phones do not have action cameras, the high vibration transmitted from the wheels and the handlebar damages the mobile camera structure of the phone. The company has the same problem. of electric scooters can also create; therefore, it is more convenient to carry the devices in a pocket or bag when getting on these vehicles.

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