iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature Confused Again

There’s no end to erroneous reports in Apple’s Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14. According to reports from Japan, there were about 270 false notifications in the last month alone…

US-based technology giant Apple iPhone 14 One of the features it offers with its family is “Traffic Accident Detection“. This feature, as the name suggests, traffic accidents automatically detecting it and providing automatic information to the emergency services.

However, the Traffic Accident Detection feature is unfortunately not as desirable. not effective. Few incidents that the feature detects real crashes reported. However, the number of false notifications is also very high. So much so that iPhones perceive this event as a traffic accident when users fall, even while skiing. to law enforcement informs. Apple releases iOS 16.2 in beta versions Although he has worked on erroneous detections, they seem to have failed.

False notifications continue at full throttle!

The shared information is that the Traffic Accident Detection feature of the iPhone 14 will be available in Japan from December 16, 2022 to January 23, 2023. Up to 270 false notifications shows that it has been done. Similarly, numerous false reports were received in the USA. we have already reported.


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iOS 16.3 doesn’t seem to fix bugs either

iOS 16.3

Apple released its latest operating system, iOS 16.3, last week. published. One of the features in this version is emergency SOS calls was that it eliminated the auto-do period. However, it is not clear how this feature can be used in the Traffic Accident Detection feature. The next few weeks are for us to see if the false reports are over. will be more decisive


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We couldn’t use the traffic accident detection feature of iPhone 14…

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