iPhone 14 Pro Max can make a difference with a bigger battery!

as known iPhone 13 Pro Max It surpasses all other flagship smartphones in terms of battery life. OK then iPhone 14 Pro MaxWhat if it comes with the same size battery as its biggest rivals by Android? The Pro Max model, which is currently unrivaled in battery life, a bigger battery We wonder what levels it will reach with it.

3 days of use possible with 5000 mAh battery

First of all, the iPhone 13 Pro Max 4352 mAh battery Let’s remember you have it. This battery size can be considered mid-range when we compare it to Android phones. However, with the better optimization that Apple offers, it is very longer battery life can offer.

The exciting stage for iPhone 14 has been reached!

One of the critical stages has been reached for the iPhone 14, which is expected to be introduced in September. We shared the details with you.

iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 5000mAh battery Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraIt has about 25 percent better battery life than the . Home to a 5003 mAh battery Google Pixel 6 Pro On the other hand, it is about 40 percent behind the 13 Pro Max in terms of battery life.

What about the iPhone 14 Pro Max? 5000mAh battery Is it possible to be presented with According to the latest information, the new Pro models are compared to the iPhone 13 35 percent better GPU and 42 percent better CPU will deliver performance. It also has approximate battery life. 2 hours 10 minutes longer will be stated. In this case iPhone 14 Pro Max shows that the battery size of the models will increase.

New and more efficient A16 Bionic operating system as well as the larger battery will undoubtedly provide better battery life to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. Along with the 15 percent increase in the battery size, as well as the more efficient structure offered iPhone 14 Pro Max can further strengthen his hand against his opponents.

With this kind of development iPhone 14 Pro Max, can open a little more difference with its competitors in terms of battery life. With the new models that will be introduced in September, depending on the use of the 2-day line 3 days battery We can meet their lifetimes.

Of course, this may change with the battery capacity of the 14 Pro Max model, as claimed. So what do you think about the iPhone 14 models? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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