iPhone 13 marked China’s 618 festival!

Competition in the smartphone market continues at full speed. apple, Samsung and Xiaomi In the coming days, the sector led by companies such as nothing New names will also be included. Despite reasons such as the chip crisis and the pandemic, the sales figures are increasing day by day. In fact, events such as discount days or shopping festivals organized around the world can increase these figures to astonishing levels.

iPhone 13 craze at China 618 shopping festival

Chinese‘of 18 Juneheld in ”618” online shopping festivalthis year to the iPhone 13 frenzy It was the scene. E-commerce platforms operating in the country are celebrating financially, so to speak, in the event that thousands of customers benefit from.

iPhone 13

618other on sale days or festivals Although it usually covers one day as it is, it continues for a long time. In this process, e-commerce platforms organize various campaigns to attract customers.

Signed: Apple will make Samsung rich with iPhone 14

Signed: Apple will make Samsung rich with iPhone 14

Apple and Samsung may have agreed to order the iPhone 14 OLED screen. Samsung will produce 80 million OLED panels for the iPhone 14 series.

618One of the biggest winners of apple it happened. For DTCHATAccording to the report of JD.comin iPhone 13 salesat the event to 2.83 million units reached. When the sales numbers are taken into consideration, the smartphone rivals its competitors. difference managed to throw.

DTCHAT‘s report includes 20 models. All smartphones between the second and tenth place belong to Xiaomi. iPhone 13after best selling device if 340 thousandle redmi K50 it happened. However sales figures however, we can say that it is less than eight times.


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