iPhone 11 Sales on Apple’s Site Suddenly Stopped

iPhone 11 sales on the Apple Turkey site have stopped this evening. It is among the possibilities that the device, which cannot be added to the cart, receives a price update due to the dollar, even if you tick different options.

As you know, there has been an increase of approximately 2 TL in the dollar today. As we write this news at 12.76 lira On this occasion, the increase in the dollar, which will be created by iPhones, like every technological product, came to the fore. While we are waiting for these hikes, which are likely to come to iPhones, there has been a change on Apple’s site that may be relevant to the subject.

Sales of the iPhone 11, which was sold on Apple’s official site, suddenly stopped in the evening today. Similar steps are often taken at Apple when there will be changes in the prices of products. However, it is not yet known whether this is a model-specific decision or a cut due to the price update.

iPhone 11 sales on Apple.com have stopped: New price coming?

No matter what color and capacity option you press when you enter the iPhone 11 advertisement on Apple’s site, You cannot add the device to your cart. Today, we mentioned that Apple computers are sold even cheaper than the USA in dollar terms with the falling TL value. Because the prices have not been updated yet, and this is also the case with iPhones. However, this development may be related to the price update, if there is no such thing as stopping the sale of the model.


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In addition, although a similar situation was observed in other models, the problem disappeared in a short time. Starting price now 7 thousand 999 TL The situation is the same with the iPhone 11, which appears as It seems that we will see more clearly how serious price increases we will encounter in phones and all other technological devices when the ups and downs in the dollar rate subside.

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