IOTA Introduces Shimmer Network and New Token to Crypto Community

Popular cryptocurrency IOTA introduced its critical value layer 1 network, Shimmer, to the cryptocurrency community after 2 months of testing.

A layer 1 network of critical value in the future of the network, according to a blog post shared by the IOTA foundation “Shimmer“After 2 months of testing, it is finally ready. Simply put, the Shimmer network is a layer 1 operating system. NFT‘s, stablecoins, fan tokens and many other blockchain innovations for free. of shimmer unique tokenization capabilitywill authorize users to mint, manage or burn tier 1 tokens and NFTs.

In the statement shared by the developers, the layer 1 structure in question is compared to other traditional blockchains. much faster and capacity stated that it will work.

Making an ambitious entry in scaling, Shimmer will provide convenience to users in terms of interoperability and integrability, and thanks to these developments, with any layer 2 smart contract able to work in a coordinated manner.

The network’s native token SMR It was distributed to users included in the ecosystem earlier this year, and according to the new information, users can now use the tokens in question. firefly they will be able to claim using their wallets. Also popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex’of Launch for SMR token He is known to be a partner. SMR, which will function as a local token, will provide versatile usage opportunities within the ecosystem and during these transactions No transaction fee will be charged is underlined.

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