iOS developer beta version is paid!

Apple introduced in September 2022. iPhone 14 It also introduced the iOS 16 version along with the models. The company wasted no time iOS 17 It has also started work on it. As with many brands, people in Apple’s beta developer program can test the latest features of the operating system.

iOS developer beta is getting paid

picture of apple to the developer program Those who want to sign up need to make a payment of $ 99. On the other hand, some sites share developer profiles for free. Apple, which first tried to close such sites, now iOS 16.4 developer beta version intends to take a different action with

Apple offers for iPhone users iOS 16.4 ‘ to the software update section with the developer beta version’Beta Updates‘ option added. This new beta version option will now be the only option for users. In the future with the new option iPhone users It looks like they won’t be able to upload beta versions from outside anymore.

Whatsapp has finally launched the much anticipated feature on iOS!

Whatsapp has finally launched the much anticipated feature on iOS!

With the update, WhatsApp now offers the picture-in-picture feature during video calls on iPhone models.

Company’s new policy iOS 17 It will bring with it a great change. If this change happens, any user who is not participating in the developer program will no longer be able to download the beta version. Users who want to use the new features will either have to pay money or open beta tests they will wait.

Last year, Apple had already started working to shut down websites that shared developer beta profiles. currently as he finishes his work, continues to serve. It is expected that all sites that make such posts will suffer the same fate in the near future.

Apple’s Developer Program iPhone users who don’t want to pay $99 a year for a phone that will likely launch in July iOS 17They will have to wait for the public beta version of . Users, Apple’s public To Beta Software Program can register for free.

It seems now iOSDeveloper beta versions of ‘s will be closed to most users. So, you appleWhat do you think about preventing the widespread use of developer beta versions? You can share your views with us in the comments section. You can watch the related video below.

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