iOS Developer Beta May Be Paid

It is stated that Apple will make a significant change with iOS 17. Allegedly, users who want to try new features with iOS 17 before anyone else will have to pay $99 per year.

US-based technology giant Apple has recently iOS 16.4 We mentioned that it has released the first developer beta version for One of the features in this new version is which beta version to install was to be determined by users. The latest information from Apple is about this feature. You may have different plans makes you think.

People who want to enroll in Apple’s official Developer Program $99 per year needs to pay. However, developer profiles offered for free by some websites allow downloading developer beta versions without paying $99, thus allowing you to get the latest features. to experience early it allowed. The feature coming with the first developer beta of iOS 16.4 is a clear indication that this detour can be left behind.

May require payment to say new features before anyone else

According to Apple’s statement, the beta version preference feature, which is available in the developer beta version of iOS 16.4, will be available for beta versions in the future. will be the only option. In other words, users will not be able to install the beta version externally. It is said that this will bring a significant change with iOS 17. Because if the change takes place as claimed, any user who does not register for the Developer Program by paying the fee, via developer profiles The developer will not be able to install the beta version. As such, the public beta version will have to wait.


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In fact, Apple’s moves about companies that distribute free developer profiles already started. In this context, Apple, which started legal proceedings for such sites, had some sites closed. Some sites that follow the developments are on their own. they decided to close. There are a few sites that distribute free developer profiles now, but it looks like these sites will be gone in the near future. Here are these sites with iOS 17, automatic aspect It looks like they’re going to be useless.

What is the developer beta version?

Like all software, iOS goes through a beta version with testers before the stable release. Before this stage developer beta version is published, public beta version is published if there is no problem in this version. If problems are not detected in this version, the stable version reaches all users.

As you can see from this process, those who install the developer beta version reach the new iPhone features first. While the public beta is free to access, some tech enthusiasts choose to install the developer beta to get even earlier. Even if you have to pay to install the developer beta when Apple implements the above change public beta, free It will continue to be downloadable…

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