iOS 16 Beta 2 is out: Here’s what’s new

Happened earlier this month WWDC 2022 We had the opportunity to meet iOS 16 at the event. Although it has been a long time for the stable version that can be used by everyone, some users have experienced the innovations of iOS 16 as beta. The first beta version released included many changes compared to iOS 15. Now increasing the number of these changes iOS 16 Beta 2 We are with the update.

Although most of this update released by Apple for developers is bug fixes, there are also added features. Currently only Apple Developer Account The update, which can be downloaded by those, will soon reach other beta volunteers in some way.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 may be quietly coming!

SuckerPunch, which fascinated millions with its first Ghost of Tsushima game, is reportedly working on Ghost of Tsushima 2.

Notable innovations have been added with iOS 16 Beta 2

Since we are not facing a major update, we expected most of the innovations as bug fixes. Apple mentioned these fixes in the notes it published with the update, and there are small but noticeable innovations along with it.

The update, which can only be installed by developers at the moment, brings the following:

  • iCloud backup over LTE
  • New lock screen themes
  • It is left to the user’s decision whether the mails from the blocked addresses in the Mail application will go to the trash. Until today, the messages from blocked users were sent directly to the trash.
  • The profile you selected in focus mode has become shareable with applications. This is a chance for apps to get smarter.
  • Various bug fixes

These innovations seem to be enough for an update called Beta 2. We don’t often see features added in such updates, instead aiming for a less troublesome experience than Beta 1. If you have a developer account, you can install the update, but it would be wrong to expect a smooth experience.

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