iOS 15 Release Date Announced for iPhones

Apple has finally announced the expected release date of iOS 15. According to the statements made by the company, the first stable version of the new operating system will be available to users on September 20. iPhone 6s and above models will be able to use this operating system.

US-based technology giant Apple, the highly anticipated event at an event held last night. their new products announced. With the statements made, consumers had the opportunity to meet Apple’s newest products, especially the iPhone 13. However, at this point, there was another situation that was eagerly awaited. So much so that Apple, from the launch in September shortly after introduced new operating systems.

Worldwide Developers Conference or as it is known in Turkey World Developer Conference Apple, which took the stage within the scope of the event, officially announced the iOS 15. This operating system has been around for a while. beta version was being tested. Making a new statement on the subject, the company said that iOS 15 when will it be available officially announced.

When will iOS 15 be released?

According to the official statement made by Apple, iPhone owners, on September 20 they will start using the new operating system iOS 15. The biggest innovation in the operating system is “Focus ModeThere will be a new feature called “. Users will be able to create multiple working modes thanks to this feature and have their phones warn them for certain functions at certain times of the day.


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Another innovation that will attract the attention of users in iOS 15 is “Live TextWith this feature, iPhone owners will be able to make text in a photo directly available. about all innovations If you want detailed information, here It’s good to have a look at our content.

For all iPhone models released in iOS 15, iPhone 6s and later free will be available as Also, users who don’t want to upgrade to iOS 15 can only use iOS 14. security updates They will be able to continue to use…

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