Investors Considered a Buying Opportunity for the “Crypto Winter”: They Increased Their Assets in the Last 12 Months

A survey sponsored by Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA, revealed that institutional investors have increased their investments despite the bear season in the crypto money market and have a positive outlook on the future.

coinbase led by September 21-October 27 carried out between and 22 November The survey, published in , revealed current data on the interest of institutional investors towards cryptocurrencies. Investors in crypto, according to survey 62% of institutional investors increased their investments in the last 12 months. Against this, only 12% of investors reduced their interest and investment in crypto.

included in the survey “What do you think will be the likely path that cryptocurrency prices will take in the next 12 months?” in response to the question 53% of corporates believe that the price will continue to go horizontal. ve will keep the range it is in. stated.

The representative sample at the focus of the Coinbase survey consists of 140 US-based institutional investors, who have a total of approximately $2.6 trillion in assets under management.

In addition, 58% of respondents plan to increase the distribution of their portfolio to crypto in the next three years and almost half “strongly agree” that crypto valuations will increase in the long run told.

The survey in question Institutional Investor’s Custom Research Lab. carried out by According to CoinShares, since this survey was conducted before the FTX collapse, there may have been some deviations in accuracy.

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