Investing in Crypto Bank from EOS Developer Company and CEO: They Become Largest Shareholders

Block.One, the developer of one of the oldest blockchain projects, EOS (EOS), bought 7.5% of the digital asset-focused investment bank Silvergate, while Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer bought 9.3% of the shares of the company. took.

According to documents submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Block.One’s CEO Brendan Blumer Silvergate on November 16. 2.9 million shares by purchasing to 9.3% of the company he had. With this Block.OneSilvergate shares for incorporation in 7.5% of he bought.

FactSet According to statistics provided by Silvergate, the purchase makes Blumer a part of Silvergate. largest shareholder made. According to the records Blumer 2,934,537 shares When purchasing Block.One 2,363,186 shares has bought.

In a press release by the company, the following statements were made:

We believe that Silvergate’s current stock prices do not accurately reflect their strong balance sheet, strategic positions or market-challenging growth trajectories, thus presenting a unique investment opportunity. We are excited to be a new passive shareholder.

Shortly after the acquisition by Block.One, Silvergate’s shares were an 8% increase seen. of FTX After the bankruptcy of Silvergate, which was affected by the situation, there were significant decreases in the shares and an atmosphere of crisis was created.

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