Investigation into Dozens of Cryptocurrency Exchanges from India: Millions Laundered

According to a report submitted to the court recently by the Indian Enforcement Directorate (ED), several exchanges based in India are involved in the money laundering business.

During the dreams in cryptocurrencies during the past 1 year, many Cryptocurrency exchange declares bankruptcy And this collapse spreading like a domino effect tens of thousands of users has suffered. After these widespread grievances, countries accelerated their steps towards regulation and started researches on what happened behind the bankruptcies.

As a pillar of these researches, the Indian government WazirX Last week, it raided the home of the exchange’s director and brought former WazirX executives to court for more details. Recently, Wazirx manager and Binance CEO CZhad entered a discussion on Twitter about who owned the stock market.

In parallel with this ongoing investigation process, this time India Executive Directorate by More than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges research has been initiated.

In the focus of these new investigations, the said India-based exchanges offer foreign companies through cryptocurrencies.helped with laundering there is suspicion. In the report submitted by the court, approximately the accused exchanges via cryptocurrencies 1,000 Crores well laundered $130 million was put forward. Behind this money laundering activity, which is thought to be international, Chinese users and companies is presumed to be.

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