Intriguing Sharing From Star Trek Legend Famous Actor: Take Bitcoin To The Moon!

William Shatner, the famous Captain Kirk of the Star Trek series, asked Bruce Fenton, one of the oldest actors in the cryptocurrency industry, to fly Bitcoin (BTC).

William Shatner On January 30, Chainstone Labs CEO Bruce Fenton’s official social media account. quoting the post to herself goodwill made wishes. The oldest From Bitcoin advocates Fenton, known as one of from United Arab Emirates (UAE) He shared a photo. Shatner below the photo “airy” Fenton thanked him kindly.

The famous actor then told Fenton “Bitcoin go to the moon” replied with the following statement:

I wish you a good week! Get Bitcoin to the moon!

Fenton and Shatner about the trip without explaining After a long time, Shatner shared on cryptocurrencies again and asked Fenton to fly Bitcoin. various speculations started to wander.

Social media users reported that Fenton’s visit was his CEO. Chainstone Labs or Watchdog Capital’s to UAE opens with the possibility of connected said it could be. But Fenton about the allegations. did not comment.

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