International Award for Gökçin Çınar’s Article

The research, prepared by a team including Turkish scientist Gökçin Çınar, with the support of NASA, won an international award. The research was awarded the ‘best article’ award at ITEC, one of the most prestigious science fairs.

All over the world, efforts to transform electricity into electricity, both in air, on land and in water, continue at a rapid pace, especially in aircraft. Electric aircraft In addition to private initiatives to pave the way, state-sponsored organizations also support studies by allocating funds to scientists.

NASA, one of the organizations supporting these studies, also shared a proud news today. NASA, a team including Turkish Aerospace Engineer Gökçin Çınar, at the 2022 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Fair) received the best article award. explained.

Award for the article of the Turkish scientist:

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