Interesting innovation for Android from Google: Its name has changed

The most up-to-date operating system Android 13Increasing security measures for smartphone users with Googleis renaming Android security. “Protected by Android” (Protected by Android) model, the software giant shared a short video about the change.

What is Google’s ‘Android Protected’ brand?

Satisfying innovations are coming from Google for Android users, who have recently begun to care less about data privacy. Rebranding Android security measures with a new feature called “Protected by Android”, Google has announced in its latest video. how you keep your users safe took it.

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In the new 50-second video shared by Google, “Verified by Play Protect” and “Protected by Android” came to the fore. This also supports the new privacy measures that the software giant introduced with Android 13.

The video actually doesn’t have any informative details about Google’s technologies. It seems like Google wanted to show the tools it protects Android users in a single video. So what do these tools do?

Let’s start with “Verified by Play Protect” first. Google, which examines almost every application in the Play Store within the scope of Play Protect and detects viruses in the application, thus exposes malicious and harmful applications.

Also in the video, usersuninterrupted securityIt was noted that it was protected with ”. Monthly security updates Emphasizing the importance of it, Google says that if you keep your Android device up to date, you will be safe.

android 13

It seems interesting that Google combines the privacy measures it offers in the mobile world with the name ‘Protected by Android’. In fact, this proves the company’s investments in security.

What do you think of the new Android security measures? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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