Interesting Facts About the Russian Blue Cat

We have compiled a lot of information for you that you have not heard before about the blue russian cat, which is believed to bring luck in its time. If you are looking for a quiet housemate and want to learn about russian blue cats, you will understand how you made the right choice while reading our content.

There are breeds of cats that we have never heard of, even if we have seen them before. In fact, we may not have seen some cat breeds before. It is a very important cat breed with its features, even if we rarely come across it today. russian blue cat We have compiled information about you that you have not heard before. We’ve compiled all the important information, from where they’re used to living, to where they originally came from. If you want to make a new little friend and it is a russian blue cat, we can say that it is useful to read this information.

Cats are sometimes our best friends, and sometimes they can be a hell for us at home with their features. The sudden movements that occur when we least expect it, their constant knocking over an object sometimes cause us to think “why is it doing this” for cats. But of course, this is not the case for every cat. If you wish, without further ado, interesting facts about the russian blue cat Let’s move on to our list.

Information about the Russian Blue Cat:

  • They actually come from Northern Russia
  • They took part in the first cat shows
  • They were almost extinct
  • Low allergy-bearing structures
  • Being shy and loving
  • They are believed to bring luck.
  • They don’t go out of order
  • Are they really calm?

Although it is not clear, its roots come from Northern Russia

russian blue cats There are quite a few allegations against him. Some say that they emerged as a result of mating of house cats, while others say that these cats actually came from Northern Russia. But of course, the information that this cat breed originated in Northern Russia far outweighs. These gray little friends, with their feather structure, actually lived in nature. While they could easily live in nature thanks to the thickness of their feather structures, things that should never have happened have happened. These cats were able to hunt quite easily.

Russian blue cats today Northern RussiaIt is said to be able to live in nature. In fact, we can say that it is possible to see these cats in some regions. When we look at the story of these cats, we see that they were first brought to Europe in the 1860s. Brought to Great Britain and Northern Europe by ship from Arkhangelsk, these cats were also known as “archangel blues” when they were first brought. In fact, other nicknames were Maltese and foreign blue at that time.

They took part in the first cat shows

russian blue cat

These cats, which were brought to Europe in the 1860s, were found in London in 1875. Crystal PalaceHe also took part in one of the first cat shows shown in . Harrison Weir, who prepared this cat show, unfortunately did not receive an award for the russian blue cat, as he pushed certain cat groups to the championship. However, it received rave reviews from a writer who came to watch the show. This author described the russian blue cat as “a very handsome cat from the Archangel”.

They were almost extinct

blue russian cat close up

II. World War During his reign, the Russian blue cat was very close to extinction. in 1912 British Cat Fancy The Board of Directors first blue russian cat he recognized. At that time, these cats were known as the “foreign blue type” or “foreign blue”. These cats were slowly becoming extinct and unfortunately they were not found in a source that could continue their lineage. During the Second World War, the numbers of Russian blue cats decreased considerably. But after the war ended, quite different ideas emerged from England, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Domestic cat lovers of countries began to cross breed these cats with different cat breeds. This was one of the biggest factors in the survival of the Russian Blue Cat.

Russian Blues first came to the United States in the 1900s. America people began to breed these cats quickly in a very short time. They even managed to import a serious Russian blue cat from England and Scandinavia at that time. Let’s get to the present. Today, the appearance of the Russian blue cat varies from country to country. Scandinavians breed russian blue cats with their siamese cats and get a different result as a result. In Britain, these cats are crossbred with Siamese cats.

Less likely to be allergic than other cats

cat allergy

Russian blue cat, among cat breeds minimal allergy properties It is one of the leading cats. In fact, according to some, for people who are allergic but want to own a cat, the Russian blue cat is one of the best choices. Because these cats shed much more than other cats. However, they have considerably lower Fel D1 protein than other cats. Even if it is small, there is still the possibility of causing allergic problems.

They are as loving as they are shy

tiny russian blue cat

Russian blue cats are actually quite they are shy. However, although they are shy, they are also quite affectionate towards their owners. However, it is quite natural for them to be spoiled and affectionate from time to time when they spend time with their owners. One of the most important features of these cats is that they enjoy sitting quietly next to the people they love. So if you own a Russian Blue cat, you will notice that your cat is constantly sitting quietly at a close distance from you. Of course, when you want to play with him, he will take great pleasure in playing with you.

They are believed to bring luck.

russian blue cat hugging

Russian blue cats are pretty good healer they are believed to be. In fact, there is also the legend that the Russian blue cat saved the Russian prince of the time from an approaching deadly disease. These cats, which are indispensable animals of the Russian royalty, are believed to bring luck. These cats, which were preferred to protect the kingdom from evil spirits, had a really important place.

They don’t like to go out of order.

blue russian cat house

Russian Blues are cats that like to live within the framework of an order they have determined for themselves. That is, the food they eat is determined from the time they sleep to the time they sleep. These cats take great pleasure in living their lives this way, and will even start giving you warnings when it’s a few minutes past mealtime. In fact, if you are someone who changes houses frequently, your cat will not like it either. with only one person emotional connection These established cats never like to go out of their routine.

For those who want to live a quiet life: Is the Russian blue cat calm or active?

blue russian kitten

To summarize this question briefly, yes absolutely. russian blue cats They are very calm and docile cats. Since they have an emotional bond with only one person, they want to play with that person from time to time. But other than that, they are very quiet and calm cats. This makes them more livable together.

For you russian blue cat We have compiled interesting information about you that you have not heard before. These cats, which attract attention with their calmness, bonding with one person, and not going out of their routine, were also preferred as luck cats in some periods. There are many claims and unproven stories about Russian Blue cats. But when we come to the conclusion, we can see that these cats have been loved for years. What do you guys think about the russian blue cat? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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