Interesting Facts About the Pug Dog Breed

One of the most popular pet dog breeds with its small body, cute face and bewildered looks, the pug is actually one of the oldest dog breeds that was first domesticated thousands of years ago and has been adopted even by royal families ever since. Let’s get to know the pug dog breed a little more closely, which unfortunately is extremely sensitive to many diseases.

Since many of us live in apartments in today’s world, we accept more small breed dogs as a friend to our homes, rather than large breeds, for both our comfort and their well-being. One of the most popular small breeds to be kept at home is the pug. Besides its small size pug because of his cute face and confused look, It is a popular pet both in the world and in our country.

Don’t think that pugs are a new breed because they are popular these days. It is estimated that this breed was first bred thousands of years ago. Moreover, it was bred not for the common people but for the royal nobility, and in many different parts of the world, the royal family really loved this breed. Let’s get to know the pug dog breed, which has even been the symbol of a secret society in history, a little more closely.

Interesting facts about the Pug dog breed, many of which you will hear for the first time:

  • One of the oldest domesticated dog breeds.
  • Pugs are the favorite pets of royal families.
  • A secret cult has chosen a pug as its symbol.
  • While in prison, Napoleon communicated with his wife with the help of a pug.
  • The most famous dog breed in the world of cinema and television.
  • Pugs have changed over the years.
  • A species that is genetically predisposed to diseases.
  • Pugs have a prince stamp on their foreheads.

One of the oldest domesticated dog breeds:

It may be more accurate to say that it was produced rather than domesticated, because the pug is a breed of dog. It is known that it was bred as a lap dog for the Chinese royal family, the Shang Dynasty, in 400 BC. Pug dogs, known as Lo-Chiang-Sze and Foo at that time, were recorded by Confucius in 551 BC.

Of course, the pugs of that period are the ancestors of the breed called Pekingese today. Pug dogs, also fed by Buddhist monks in Tibet, From there it spread to Japan and Europe. The history of pug dogs is somewhat unclear, as China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang destroyed most of the ancient records around 200 BC.

Pugs are the favorite pets of royal families:


Pugs were first introduced in the 16th century by the Dutch East India company. It was imported from Japan and brought to Europe. The pug dog of the Dutch prince of the Orange dynasty was bred to warn him against assassins. British dynasty of Stuart III. William and II. Mary brought the pug dogs from the Netherlands to England and mated them with the King Charles Spaniel. In the 19th century, Queen Victoria established a Kennel Club for pug dogs.

A secret cult chose the pug as their symbol:


In 1738, the Papacy banned Catholics from joining the Masonic order. On top of that, a group In 1740, they established a secret masonic society called Mopsorden, also known as the Pug Order. They chose the pug as their symbol because it was a loyal and reliable dog breed.

What made the event more interesting was that a man and a woman chosen as lodge managers were referred to as Big Pug. If you wish to enter the Mopsorden cult, you must bark loudly and be called the Grand Pug to show your devotion. you should have kissed a pug dog statue under its tail. Fortunately, this strange cult was banned and dissolved in 1748.

While in prison, Napoleon communicated with his wife with the help of a pug:


Before Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor of France, he was imprisoned for rebelling against the existing order. He was not yet married to his wife at the time, Joséphine de Beauharnais. Since meeting with the prisoner is strictly forbidden, Joséphine Fortune secretly releases prison by tying a letter to his pug dog’s leg and so he was communicating with Napoleon. According to a story whose accuracy is disputed, Joséphine, who was used to sleeping with her dog after her marriage, did not want to get the dog out of the bed. When Napoleon tried to get him out of bed, he was bitten by the dog.

The most famous dog breed in the world of cinema and television:

men in black, pug

With Pugs, especially in the Men in Black series, the Dog Hotel, The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Pocahontas, 12 Rounds, Marie Antoinette, Dune, The Great Race and countless movies like The King of Queens, Spin City, Legend of the It is possible to encounter many television series such as Dragon, The West Wing Eastenders. Pug dogs that take place as characters in some books, They also appear in a Nintendo DS game called Nintendogs.

Pugs have changed over the years:


When we look at the pug dogs depicted in the 18th century, it is much more we see that they have long legs, long noses and cut ears. That’s how it was grown in Europe, but what’s being produced in China was the way we know it today. The genre we know today became popular when re-importation from China began in the 19th century.

Pugs are stocky-bodied, short-legged, broad-chested and flat-faced. Their fur is short, soft and shiny. Besides the classic look They can be black, light brown, apricot tones and silver in color. They are generally quiet, docile and adaptable. It is suitable for families with children. Due to his genetic heritage, he is a good watchdog, but of course, due to his small stature, all he can do is bark.

A species that is genetically predisposed to diseases:


Because pugs have short snouts and the brow arch is not prominent, proptosis, corneal tearing, and painful eyelid twitching can occur. They carry a great risk of eye diseases. They have trouble breathing because their airways are small. Because they cannot breathe properly, they cannot cool themselves and their body temperature may rise too high.

At the same time, since they are a breed prone to obesity, extreme attention should be paid to their exercise and nutrition. They always have the genetic risk of pharyngeal reflex, hemispondyli and meningeal damage. Between the wrinkles on the skin and especially the ears should be cleaned carefully. When well cared for, they have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. The longest living pug was recorded in South Africa in 2018 and lived 27 years and 284 days.

Pugs have a prince stamp on their foreheads:


It may also be a fabricated legend, but let’s face it, it’s interesting. It is not known exactly why Pugs have wrinkled skin, but it is It is estimated that it was made deliberately by Chinese manufacturers at first. You can see the characters 王子, which means prince in Chinese, on the forehead of a pug lying down and looking at you.

We talked about interesting information about the pug dog breed, which is one of the most popular pets in the world. Even if pugs and similar breeds look cute As we have explained, each of them suffers from numerous health problems due to genetic disorders. Instead of buying such specially produced animals, please adopt one of the many stray dogs on the street.

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