Interesting Expansions of the Names of Turkish Brands

If you were to establish a brand and you had to choose a name for your brand, what would you do? If you have co-founders, you may want to consider creating an acronym for your names. As with many brands that we hear frequently today…

Many brands born and raised in Turkey and opened to the world take their names from their founder or founders. But these abbreviations are for many of us. can be misleading and we can even think that these brands are of foreign origin.

Sometimes, we attribute meanings to brand names in our own way, We make expansions.

For example, as in YKM…

In fact, YKM stands for YKM, where various ascriptions were made for a period of time. ‘New Karamursel Stores’ however, many people have not been able to accept this opening.

Again, another opening that we couldn’t fit is from Mado.


When you want to sit outside with your friends and have a pleasant time, Mado can be one of your best choices. As a matter of fact, Mado’s expansion ‘Marash Ice Cream Shop’ If you have a friend who doesn’t know that it is, you can show a little air with this information.

We move on to another brand that is confused with Mado because of its name similarity: Mudo.


Mudo, named after its founding partners From the first two letters of the names of Mustafa Taviloğlu and Doğan Gürün taking.

Akbank’s name story is also quite interesting.


Akbank’s name ‘The people of Kayseri living in Adana’it comes from. “What’s the matter now?” For those of you who say, let’s explain it right away. Akbank’s founders consisted of businessmen from Kayseri living in Adana.

The partners who found a great common point about the two provinces; Deciding to carry these features to the name of the company they founded The initials of the provinces ‘Adana’ and ‘Kayseri’ They added it to the beginning of the word ‘bank’, which means ‘bank’ in English.

When you heard the name of DYO as a child, you probably thought that it was a foreign brand.


However DYO name, founders of the company Durmus Yexceeds and HE IScomes from his sons. Durmuş Yaşar, along with his sons, has been in the management of Yaşar Holding for many years.

We all know NTV, but many of us do not know the meaning of its name.


Cavit Çağlar was inspired by his daughter’s name while establishing the channel. Narcissus TV in other words, NTV, as we know it, came to life.

One of the pioneers of the furniture industry, Alfemo seems like a foreign brand, doesn’t it?


However, Alpha ‘Ali Feyzullah Furniture’ formed by abbreviation of words.

We move on to another brand named after its founder: DİMES.


Named after its founder, Mustafa Vasfi Diren. ‘Resistance Fruit Juices’ Today, it has gained a great reputation as DİMES.

Almost all of us know this, but let’s remember ENKA’s expansion once again.


Its founders, Şarık Tara and Sadi Gülçelik, are brother-in-law and brother-in-law. For this reason, ENKA, founded by the duo, a combination of the words ‘brother-in-law’ and ‘brother-in-law’ was created.

We came to Yu-Ma-Tu, which for a long time we all thought was foreign, even Asian-based.


Yu-Ma-Tu, which has caused confusion in the electronics industry and is often thought to be a Japanese company, actually named its name. One of the first syllables of Yusuf, Mahmut, Tuncer brothers taking.

Ramsey is actually not a foreign brand.


Ramsey, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to men’s clothing, may seem like a foreign brand, but that’s not the case. Founder of the brand Remzi Gür describes Ramsey, whose English pronunciation is similar to his own name. adopted as a brand name.

“This is absolutely foreign!” another brand you can say: Osse.


Osse, one of the pioneers of the eyewear industry, is a Turkish brand contrary to popular belief. Even the name of the co-founders One of the first syllables of Osman and Sezai is coming.

Rodimood’s name is also given to its founders.


Although it looks like a foreign brand, RodiMood is actually a Turkish clothing brand. If the word Rodi in RodiMood’s name is From ‘Ramadanoğulları Sewing Management’ is coming.

Let’s remember where Banvit’s name came from…


Brand name expansion ‘Bandırma Vitamin Feed Industry’ It clearly states the place where the company was founded and the purpose of its establishment.

We’re moving on to a brand with a very humorous story: Happy Moon’s.

happy moon's

Hussein, the owner of the restaurant Aymutluchose to use the roughly translated version of his surname as a brand name.

It’s pretty easy to guess where Beymen’s name comes from.


In the first years of its establishment, Beymen only produced clothes for men. Since the target audience is men, ‘Gentleman’ for the word and brand to be remembered globally. ‘men’ The brand name was created by combining the words.


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