Interesting and Disturbing X-Ray Images

You would never want to see the normal versions of the images you are about to see. Because even his x-rays are disturbing enough!

Used to view the inside of the body x-rayUnusual images can be encountered in imaging techniques such as ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and angiography.

I believe that these incredible cases encountered in hospitals may have taken place. You will find it hard to believe!

1. A man whose head was stabbed with a knife as a result of a robbery gone wrong.

2. A fire tong thrown from behind a man entered from the back and exited from the front.

interesting xray images

3. A screw stuck in the eye of a 3-year-old.


Father mowing the lawn The screw on the ground flew out and hit the child. Luckily he escaped with only injury.

4. A very serious back fracture.

hip fracture

5. X-ray of the horrific injury of a passenger whose feet were on the dashboard prior to the car accident.

car crash

This 18-year-old person He wasn’t wearing a seat belt. As a result of the injury, his legs were paralyzed and he could no longer even feel his toilet.

6. When a Thai woman, who ate her meals without cooking, felt something strange in her body and went to the doctor, it turned out that she had hundreds of parasites.


7. A man trying to measure penis size by plugging a USB cable into his urethra!

cable xray

8. Someone with a jaw that goes “eating cereal.”

chin shift

9. A terrorist who swallowed a grenade. What he didn’t know was that because he swallowed his pin without pulling it out, it would never explode.


10. A bomb in the face of a Colombian soldier.

xray images

Because they were afraid it would explode in the operating room. in the hospital parking lot successfully removed by health personnel.

11. A boy falling on a meat skewer from a tree house.


He’s managed to survive.

12. This boy in Wuhan, China, pierced his brain with a chopstick he stuck his nose in.


13. Although it is interesting that this woman living in Pakistan had a 5 cm nail on her head, the reason why this happened is much more interesting.

nail xray

This woman, who has 3 daughters, goes to the teacher when her husband wants a son. for the baby to be a boy He’s hammering nails into the woman’s head!

14. A criminal who got a bullet in his spine.

xray lead

It put him in a coma for a week.

lead extraction

15. Someone with scoliosis.


Normally it looks like this:

what is scoliosis

16. Spread of pneumonia in Covid within 5 days


17. X-ray of the pelvis of a man who was thrown out of the car after the accident.


Her pelvis, which was broken in seven places, required multiple screws and an external fixation device to get it back in place.


Fasten your seat belt!

18. A safety pin that goes into the esophagus.

fork needle

19. Small nails that do not pierce his internal organs.


20. Chest X-ray of someone who has attempted suicide by intravenous injection of elemental.


21. Comparison of coma/vegetative life and brain death

vegetative coma brain death

Cerebral angiography an imaging technique. In this technique, only cerebral vessels are visualized.

22. Brain death visualized by scintigraphy method.


scintigraphy, a radioactive substance to the body; It is a diagnostic method in which the body is viewed with special cameras after it is given by vein, mouth or other ways.


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