Intel’s Total Revenue for 2022 Announced: The Situation Is Bad

Technology giant Intel’s 2022 general and quarterly financial reports have been published. According to reports, the company had its lowest revenue in the last 10 years last year.

Intel, one of the world’s largest processor manufacturers, has said, “For the services it has provided in the past months,”Pay As You Want” system and then both with the i9-13900K processor. broke record after record as well as 13th generation mobile processors had introduced.

Of course, when you look at the records that the Californian technology giant has broken, you can think that the company is also a leader in its competition with its arch-rival AMD. However, according to the data released by Intel, the company was the loser of this competition in 2022. Moreover, this loss broke a historical record.

The company’s 2022 revenues fell 32%

According to the general 2022 and 2022 Q4 financial reports released by Intel yesterday, the company compared to 2021. 20% loss of income Last year, it earned a total of $61.1 billion in revenue. In the 4th quarter of 2022, the company 32% loss of income earned 14 billion dollars. This figure may seem like a lot at first glance, but the total revenue in 2022 lowest level in 10 years We must point out that. So actually things are not going well for Intel.

But the company’s CFO, David Zinsner, said in a statement:By making logical and correct decisions about our investments and our company in the 4th quarter, We turned to areas where we can make high profits in the long run..”, giving the signals that they aim for profit in the long run, even if they make losses in the short term. In addition, in another statement made, it is stated that a profit of 3 billion dollars was made in the costs of the company in 2022 and that this figure will be exceeded by 2025. It is stated that it is aimed to increase up to 10 billion dollars annually..


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On the other hand, some experts in the industry are dealing with Intel’s Apple Silicon-like processors, which lost its biggest customer with the emergence of Apple Silicon processors. claims that Apple is preparing to “steal his heart” again. If this happens, Intel can return to its glory days.

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